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Dear Leon, I hope my message finds you and yours in the best of health and spirit. You were on my mind the other day and just wanted to thank you again because I was going through a rough day and the verse of your song "they that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength" came to mind. Thank you again!

Your son in Christ,

Cornelius Tica.

I gave my life to JESUS in 1984 I loved dancing and music. I went to your concert at my old high school Palo Verde and heard you sing Dance Children Dance. The Lord doesn't take away the good in our lives but makes it better. God Bless you in 2004 for more of his music!

Sue Brandenburg

In The fall of 1977 I purchased an album Buy The Group "Santanas"; I remember only one song from that album "The River". I was not a Christian but the words of that song pierced into my heart and stirred up such a search and curiousity. Who were you singing to? I was spiritually blind. Eventually that was all the seed of testimony that Jesus needed to draw me out of darkness into his marvelous light. The following year I got saved and set free.

Carl Evans
Bronx, New York

Leon and Renee - God's blessings on both of you and your band in this ministry. My what rocky roads we lead when God makes up his mind... Thank you for your concert at Living Waters - it sent me on my own to seek what I am to do for the Master. PRAISE OUR LORD!



I recently heard you sing on my favorite Christian radio station here in the Fort Worth/Dallas area, KCBI 90.9FM and couldn't believe how you touched my heart, to me only George Beverly Shea ever sang with such deep feeling. Thank you so much for giving into the Holy Spirit and giving back to the Lord the voice He gave you! I am sure He has His hand on you now and in the future.

Cindy S. Lewis
Glen Rose, Texas

Dear Mr. Patillo, Thank you for writing such songs as "Flesh of My Flesh" and "How Can I Begin to Thank You?". I first listened to these two songs when I was on the run as a confused and rebelious boy. I remember feeling comforted and most importantly safe! I believe that it has been my memory of these two songs that has kept me going in a good direction and has made me a better person. Thank you Mr. Leon Patillo, and my God bless you and all you hold dear to your heart! RC

Ron Campbell

I just want to say thank you to Mr. Patillo, almost 19 years ago he came to my home town and performed a concert, in which he picked up a baby, me, and sang 'the sky is the limit, and to cut a long story short it took me a long time to get a hold of the song but when i finally did it was like god spoke to me through it, i am sure it was prophetic. I was hoping to see him in concert in Tampa as i am currently in the states but was unable to go, so i just wanted to say thanks for being gods messenger.

Sarah Harvey
Tamworth, Australia

Dear Renee and Leon,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus our Lord!!!

My name is Joseph Wright the Music Director of Valley Faith Fellowship in Delano Ca. I just want you to know that I am standing in faith and love with both of you. I am also a Delano Police Department Chaplain. It is because of him that I am in Music Ministry today.  I told him this the last time he came to our church.  It was his ministry at Stanislaus County Fair held at the Fairgrounds in Turlock back in 1985 that I decided to use my musical ability for the Lord. Brother Leon inspired me when I was a baby Christian; I had just given my life to Jesus February of that year. Tell him I am still singing JESUS every time I minister in the Philippines.  One day I am believing God that he will sing it in person there also. 

I love you both.

In Jesus precious name
Brother Joseph Wright
If God be for us WHO can be against us

Greetings & Thanks Brother Patillo....

First & foremost I'd like to thank the LORD for this opportunity of communication. My name is Kyle Bruce Vereen & I am a songwriter & producer. AND I am a BELIEVER. I would like to thank Minister Patillo for inspiring me when I was VERY young. I'm 35 now, but when I was around 10 or 11 my Aunt Tammy had the "Festival" album of Santana’s. She let me make a tape of it for my little cassette recorder. I played that tape to shreds & made another tape of it later. The other day I was singing some of the music to it & went & brought it on CD. The songs that YOU have written are still powerful & positive. I TRULY BELIEVE that you were being used by the LORD THEN!! Songs like "River", "Try a little harder now”, "Keep on reaching", are simply brilliant. They are so positive. I've have sung those songs in my heart for many years. NOW that I am a Christian (and growing) they take on a deeper meaning.

I'm sure you still get letters concerning this stuff. I have caught your TV show & some of your Solo records in the past.
I have to admit I have not been up on your music recently. I found your website last year through Santana's website. WOW! I know the work you do NOW has a GREATER MEANING by all means. I just wanted to let you know that a POSITIVE seed has been planted when I was young & wanted to thank you. Brothers like YOU, Alex Acuna, Abe Laborial, Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Omartian, make me realize everyday that you can be FUNKY, work & most importantly have CHRIST in your life. Please pray for a brother, that my music stay positive & stone funky!!! THANKS AGAIN humbly submitted,

Kyle Bruce Vereen

Hey there Leon, just wanna say thanks for your music and when will you come back to Australia bro? i pray for you always and hope all is well with your ministry. Do you have much contact with Carlos, he's one of my fav's, how cool would it be to see him in
church? i just want to bless you in your ministry keep up the God work. isn't He so cool, He looks after me
so well. i play guitar and want everyone to find Him through what i do.

God bless you Leon,

Charlie Campbell.

P.S. i am Aboriginal (Indigenous Australian) and my people luv to hear brothers from America. Luv ya heaps, and all the best to your family.

Leon, I was sitting at home just listening to a number of my favorite songs from the various lps of yours and just was thinking how you have pioneered so much of the "Urban Contemporary Christian,  Gospel and Praise" oriented music so many people love today. You have also influenced me to become a keyboard player and composer. I was and still is such the biggest fan of yours… growing up I would listen to songs you've written like "Dance Children Dance" and "Have Faith" and my favorite record of all time from you is "The Sky's The Limit" with songs like "Jesus" and I've Heard The Thunder". I remember telling my mother I want to be like Leon and play all those keyboards and synthesizers and be a one man band. God has truly blessed you my brother and I continue to pray for you and your ministry. Please let me know of any new releases you may have available.

Your Biggest fan
Chazz a.ka. Chris 

In April of 2001 Leon came to speak at a function at which I was backstage praying for the worship team and speaker and my husband was in the audience. Leon sang "Born Again Woman" and it had a real impact on each of us.  We tried to get the music and lyrics to have it sung at our 25th wedding anniversary yet it had not been published so asked if Leon himself could come and you responded and said with a :-) that he would love to come yet had previous commitment.

When Leon spoke last April he spoke about being a friend that sticks closer than a brother like Jesus does to us. My husband and I each received that word as a personal commission from the Lord for one another and for a mutual friend.  The blessings from acting on that within our marriage and with our friend have brought us all that much closer to Jesus. Thank You, Leon.

Bless you this day!!!
Rejoicing in Him and Fervent in Prayer,
Dusty and Sue Yarberry

In October, 1985 I was leaving my home church to take a job out of state.  I had never sung a solo in church or in public.  I was speaking to the men’s prayer breakfast about how God was sending to this new area and how the song GO" had inspired me to speak to each man there about spreading the gospel in the areas God sends us....I sang "GO" very poorly but the Holy Spirit placed the message in the hearts of the men that were there that day.....thank you for the song "GO" it means a lot to me.

Butch Fletcher

Hello, you won’t know me but my name is Alex Smith.

I’m from Rochester, NY but currently live in Ontario, NY just outside Rochester. I told myself if I ever had the chance I would let Leon Patillo know that my calling came at one of his concerts back in the 80's. I was 10 or 11. I was playing a little bass guitar at the time. You came to a college Roberts Wesleyan in Rochester for a concert my parents made me go to. I never knew who you were, had no idea what was going to take place. We were at a Baptist church at that time and never really knew anything about ministry or that style of music. I was a good kid brought up really well, I remember being grounded and punished for something and my parents made me go to your concert at the college. If i wasn’t going to go to anything else they made me go get some Word in me.ha!

So I remember frowning as if this was going to be the worst day of my life and mostly what I saw in the audience were a more mixed crowd predominantly white so I was thinking that this was going to be a Bible study service where a guest speaker named Leon patillo was coming in. I look up and all I see on stage was keyboards so I was like oh ok somebody may play for him or something. To make a long story short that night changed my life. God had spoken to me for the first time in my life, I had goose bumps. He showed me through you basically freedom in serving Him, expressing what you have back to Him to bless others. I was impressed with the jokes, midi demonstrations on stage, the Word coming forth the way it did, everything was awesome and it broke chains I never knew I had. I remember standing on my chair to see better and you demonstrated the relationship of your electronic equipment with your sequencers. At the time I didn’t know what was going on, I thought it was some type of trick because I didn’t see a band but you said ," I've been so rude," " I haven't even introduced you all to my band". Everyone laughed and my eyes drew closer to see what was going to take place. By the end of that night I was messed up, in a good way, ha! It was like when Moses went up to Mount Sinai in a way. I was different that night, I remember God showing me that I would know about everything that was being done and that I was going to be involved with music in the same way to reach the lost. At the time I didn’t know how to play a lick of music on keys. I drew closer to God and became hungrier for what He wanted me to do in life to reach others.

The next day I begged my dad to take me to the music store to find out what it was you were doing electronically on stage. The techs said it was a technology called midi which stood for musical, instrument, digital, interface. As I studied more about it years later my dad bought me a dx21 with a qx5 sequencer. Ha! 

 I read books and manuals upon manuals and to make this story even shorter our family began doing ministry in prisons, schools, outreaches etc.  I’m 31 now and God has truly blessed me and over the years so many lives were changed and if God hadn’t have sent you to come to Rochester I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now.  My brother and I have a production company now called," Narrow Street Music Inc." Currently working with a few unknown powerful young men and women of God who can challenge what is being done negatively out in the world now in the music field. We are called to make disciples of music and to have a high standard of excellence when it comes to production as well as lifestyle.

Not too long ago I went to visit my girlfriend who is getting ready to move up here from California.  She took me to a music store, Sam Ash I think it was. I played on a few boards admiring the new gear that was out on display and before we knew it there was a crowd of people around us, praise God.

The manager of the dep’t. also came out and they asked who I played for. I told them basically about our ministry and production company and that I was visiting. To make this short once again exchanged numbers with a guy by the name of Steve Don who wanted to hook up the next time I came to town. I played him some production we were working on back home and he was really excited about what we were doing.

So I came back to Rochester later returned this past July to visit again and Steve introduced me to his keyboard player and told everyone about me. So I met with his keyboard player," Jimi Seville". They invited us to see them play jazz at a restaurant. Jimi asked how I got started and I
mentioned my whole testimony about Leon Patillo how God called me at his concert etc. Jimi smiled and was like wow and told me he knows you very well and used to be your music director.  When he told me that I turned in amazement thinking out of all the people in this world, it wasn’t coincidence that I ran into him.

I told Jimi I even have you in my Bio explaining one of my inspirations that got me started. So Jimi Seville gave me your email address and so I really wanted to write and say Thank You for your obedience to God and your gifts and talents for inspiring me to be where I am today. 
 Jimi told me you now live in Vegas and I had just left Vegas for a family reunion my girlfriends family had. It’s funny because I was looking for a church there to visit and had I known I would have came to your church. It didn’t ring a bell until Jimi told me later the name of your church and I remember seeing it in the phone book.  God was trying to get my attention because it makes sense now though. Ha!

God hooked it up where I could tell you anyway ha!

Well hopefully I would be able to tell you face to face one day or even get a chance to work with you but once again you’ve been a tremendous blessing to me growing up and blessed our family household. Man it’s been a pleasure and I hope to talk and meet with you soon and may God continue to bless you and your wife and everything you put your hands to. God bless You!

Your brother in Christ, Alex.
Narrow street Music inc. -Alex Smith

Dear Leon,

I am not sure if you will get this but here goes anyway.  I grew up on your music from about 12 years old.  I’m 32 now. I just wanted to let you know how much you helped me through the difficult teenage years (and then some). My parents were divorced when I was 1 and my Mother was always and still is The godliest woman I know.  She forced me NOT to listen to "worldly" music and as a result there you were.  As well as Petra and David Meece and m.w.smith. But you were the favorite.  All of my friends started listening to you as well and the whole youth group caught on.  I grew up in Australia.  I was musician at our local church playing both guitar and piano. I also used to be able to play all of your songs on the piano and sing them.

I think also I must have been the first person ever in Australian churches to introduce a drum machine and loud keyboards to church service.  It took some getting used to by the pastor.  They were the days.

I never had an easy upbringing with no Dad and I was always unsure of myself or what God wanted me to be.  My Dad was an Airline pilot who was also an alcoholic (now that’s a dangerous combination) and I never really knew him.  All my friends had Dads but me, but your music really helped me so much. You might remember you were signing autographs once in Melbourne and all of my friends said to you that you had to meet me as I was your biggest fan.

I went to all of your concerts in Australia.

Leon, you meant so much to me growing up, I guess you were like a substitute Father through your music.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart God bless you. Now, I'm 32, I'm also a pilot I fly 747's, I have been married for nearly 10 years to my sweetheart and we have 2 perfect little girls 6 and 4 years old. We attend regularly our local AOG church where my Mother and stepfather (who is my Dad now) also attend.

We live on the Gold Coast in Queensland. I guess from a tattered upbringing God has blessed me.  I am blessed.  And I thank you for your unknown ministry my friend.  I fly all over the world now and I always look on your tour dates to see if I can catch a concert.  Haven’t had any luck yet though.

Listen Leon, I’m sure you have a million friends out there, but listen, if you need another one, let me know brother.

May our God truly bless you

Your #1 fan when I was a punk teenager, mike

Mike Bryden


I have just sent you $40 by PayPal to order Live Experience and I'll never stop loving you cd's.

My "live experience" with Leon was around 1982/3 or so at Oral Roberts University/Mabee Center here in Tulsa. I was just beginning my ascent into "manhood" (HIGH SCHOOL) when I was introduced to Leon's music by a girlfriend. That concert was the very first, of now hundreds, of "Christian" concerts I had ever attended. That night provided me a cornerstone for the rest of my life. I was also lucky enough to be in the first row on the side of the stage Leon was set up on. Not more than 10-15 feet away. What a night!!! My life was changed forever. Even when I went to college and lost the person I had become and turned to alcohol and sex, I still had these 2 albums to keep me from going totally over the edge. I now have been married for 14 years and have 2 beautiful children and #3 on the way

4 songs have always stuck out and spoken to my soul the most.

"Blessed be the name of the Lord" and "Praise ye the Lord" were the 2 songs that most kept me going in "those" years because of their utter and pure words of worship.

"Rise and be healed", as you might guess, was the song that I can look back on as "the" song that helped me reclaim the life God intended for me to lead.

"Flesh of my Flesh" spoke to me about the love between a man and a woman and what it is supposed to be like and not what "love" had become for me. I believe it to be one of the ultimate wedding songs ever written.

I am now a music minister and sing in a southern gospel quartet and one of the things we talk about in our groups is the need during our performances to give our all for Jesus because we never know who is in the audience listening for that one song or those few words that will change their lives forever. That is what Leon Patillo taught me some 20 years ago. One life saved is worth any and every sacrifice I could ever make because of The Sacrifice that was made for me.

God Bless You Leon Patillo, even if I was the only life you ever touched, (which I am sure is not the case) you have done God's work of which He is proud. I have always dreamed of being able to see you in concert again and to be able to introduce you and your music to my children so that they will hopefully have that Cornerstone to look to in times of need.

Thank you Renee for your time and talents as well in keeping this ministry alive.

Doug Crowl
Tulsa, OK

Dearest Renee,

I just want to say thank you so very much for sending the leon patillo dont give in cd. 
received it on friday late afternoon and already have played it about 12 times.  After 20
years of trying to locate one everywhere here in australia and on amazon and other
music outlets in recent months  I finally have what I wanted for so long thanks to some
gentleman in the usa who saw my wanted to buy advertisement on the net and knew
of the leon patillo website - it was through him that i got your email address - amazing
how things work out.  I am truly blessed by leons music and many of the same songs
from dont give in still humble me to tears just like they did 20 years ago.  If you ever
see him please, please thank for me for his beautiful touching christian music. For me
it would indeed be a privaledge to meet him in person - God willing one day maybe our
paths will cross.

Thanks Renee for your help and assistance with my enquiries. God Bless You, God Bless You Susan Salmon

Brisbane Australia 

Dear Sir,

I am writing to say Praise the Lord and God bless you.  I have been thinking of your music now for some time.  I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal savior and Lord in 1983 and one of the things that I remember after all these years is that your cassette back then was one of the first Christian tape that I owned.  I wore it out and it blessed me so much even now almost 22 years later your music came on my mind and I decided to look you up on the net.  That song I'll never stop loving you is going through my head right now but earlier it was cornerstone, I think I had a greatest hits cassette of yours, I don't know.  The power of God is awesome to think that I am still thinking of those songs and singing them.  I am actually trying to find that whole cassette that I had back then.  Keep doing what you are doing sir, and I am sure you will hear more stories like mine on how the Lord blessed my life through your music.  God bless you.

Minister Eddie A. Sloan
Mt. Calvary Church of the Rock
Alexandria Va.

Dear Leon,

I don't know how often you read mail like this, but I wanted to say thank you for your music over the years.  I was probably 6 or 7 when my dad introduced me to one of your albums, and what an honor it is to now re-introduce a few of those memorable songs at my upcoming wedding on November 6.  I couldn't possibly consider having a wedding without "Security" or "Flesh of My Flesh".  Anyway, I just wanted to express how much of a blessing your music has been, and what an inspiration you are.  Your music has had a very heavy impact on my life, as I am a musician/worshipper myself, and much of what I've heard through the heart of your music also flows in me as well.  I believe God has placed in me the heart of a psalmist, and I have a strong desire to bless Him and His people through music.  In my opinion, a lot of music today we call worship has drifted away from the basics, simplicity and purity of just blessing the Lord from the heart, in a way to keep up with the latest music trends and patterns of this world.  In a way, a lot of music today puts more emphasis on either the music, or the artist/worshipper, or the people listening to the music, than just having your heart connected to God alone.  I once heard that a true worshipper doesn't make you think about the music, or the person singing the music, but only about being in the presence of God.  Your music has always been true to the Word, and allowed me to experience the presence of God without distraction, and for that, I wanted to say thank you.  I believe I learned and perceived much about true worship at an early age because of your heart towards God.  Well, I could go on and on, but again.. thank you for imparting into my life over the years.

Your friend in Him,
Bill Barrows


I received the Live Experience CD and it plays great!  I also received the signed letter from the Patillos, and that was also very nice.

I just wanted to share a little story/testimony with the if I could, so if this doesn't go directly to them, if you could pass it along I would really appreciate it.

My name is, of course, John.

My first memories of Leon and Live Experience must have been about 20 years or so ago.  I'm 28 now, about to turn 29 in November...I must have been about 8 or 9 or 10...I think it was around '83 or '84.  It was just me and my mom in Sacramento, California.  My parents were divorced and my Dad lived in Phoenix, Arizona, where I eventually went to live in 1986 and am writing from now.

I joined the Army in 1993 right out of high school and served all over the world, in Korea, Germany, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Bosnia (Sarajevo)....for 7 years.  It was a great experience.

One of the things that I am not too proud of is my falling away from God...which happened around (coincidentally) the same time I came to live with my father, who is not neccessarily NOT a Christian, but moreso just one of those really good, nice people who treats everyone good and lives right, but doesn't neccessarily go to Church or walk with God.

As a child I was VERY in tune with the Lord and wrote songs for my church as a nine year old....I was buried in my Picture Bible everyday, led Sunday school...everything....I was hungry for God and never satisfied.  Part of what fed that hunger was the music I listened to growing up.  All of Keith Green's albums, BJ Thomas's "You gave me love" album, Twila Paris, Amy Grant's early stuff...the Gaither Vocal Band, Don Fransisco..and of course, Leon.

I can remember my mom and her girlfriends from church dancing around the house to such classics as Born Again and Dance Children Dance.  Unbelievable stuff.  Very happy memories.

When I came across the place on the internet where I could oredr this cd, I was overjoyed.  When I got the cd and listened to it fo rthe first time in maybe 15-18 years....It all came flooding back to me and really ministered to me.

Of course Born Again and Dance Children Dance and Flesh of my Flesh were all there  (I've had those songs downloaded on my PC for a year or two anyway)...but what came back were the other ones.  In particular, Don't Give In (#4) REALLY spoke to me at this time in my life.  So did "Visions"....where Leon is talking to the crowd.  I remmebr listening to that as a kid and thinking he was so funny, yet so smart, and so in touch with the Father.

"Heyyyy Mama!  You will be WISE if you eat from the tree!!"

ha ha

It does not get any better than that.

Anyway.  I just wanted to say thank you, Leon, for your ministry..and your vision....and for sticking with it all these years.  I would love to see you Live if you're ever out on the road again.

You are truly a servant of the Lord and you can add me to the countless other lives you have touched over the years.

Thank you and God Bless,

In Him,

John Barrett

One night a couple of weeks ago, I looked up your website. I  just wanted to somehow let you know that I have been a fan of yours for many years ever since about 1983 when I was saved and born again at the age of 18 1/2.  Through some of the young people at the church we were going to at the time, they gave my brother and I a couple of christian tapes to listen.  It was "Live Experience" and "The Sky's the Limit."  It was probably the first Christian tapes we had begun listening to.  Everything was so new to me in the Lord then and the songs had such meaning in them.  Over the next couple of years, I discovered "I'll Never Stop Lovin' You" and "Don't Give In" and I also added to my collection "Love around the World" and "I'm Brand New" and even went to one of your concerts in Santa Rosa, CA in, I believe, 1987 with some christians and my other brother.  But I brought all this to say that I want to say "THANK YOU SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU LEON" for each and every song, that you wrote and sang.  Because from 1983 - 1988 it was a real crucial time for me and later I had walked a lonely christian road when I was hurt in a particlar church.  But I knew I still had to make some really important decisions in my life concerning which road to take.  I had no idea, I was confused about many things.  And I knew it was just me and the Lord.  I could of went back to the world and to the things I was familiar with but God had really done something in my heart.  But it was truly through each and every one of your songs that the Lord would use the lyrics and it would cause me to think about my future, like "Don't Give In", "The Sky's the Limit" and just literally all of the songs had spoke alot to me.  But one song in particular was"River".  I would just cry to the Lord and ask Him to be with me and to help me through my situation that I felt so stuck in at the time.  Well I am now 38 1/2 years old and am married.  My husband and I are in the ministry.  We preach and teach in our church and assist our Pastor and minister together and the Lord has worked mightily.  When I go back and listen to all of your songs, I remember all the things that I was going through years back but now I give God the glory in them because they had helped me make that right decision.  But when I listen to "River" that is the one that makes me break down and cry because it is still the same cry in my heart to the Lord when I used to just lay on my bed at night those many years ago asking the Lord to be with me.  And still today, your songs minister so much to me and I have never grown tired of them, I just praise the Lord so much the more when I listen to them.  "When the clouds start to surround us try and wash our joy away, make you feel there is no reason for you to really shine today. Don't give in, just trust in Him, don't you despair, He's heard your prayer, remember God is still Lord of Lords. For I know who holds the future and controls each grain of sand and though He's King of all creation, still has time to hold my hand.  I refuse to be defeated though some doubts may come my way, I will live this life victorious, oh yes I will, for there is no other way! So don't give in, just trust in Him. Thine is the kingdom and thine is the power and the glory forever!!!  Remember God is still the Lord....I love it, so encouraging!  I hope this e-mail was not too long but I just felt I had to share what I had to say about your music.  I am sorry I have lost touch of some of your most recent music but I would love to look them up and buy them.  My husband also loves your music and maybe one day, I will be able to attend one of your concerts again.  We are in the Southern CA area near the Ontario airport.  There is the Ontario Convention Center and the Anaheim Pond Stadium and some others.  It would be wonderful to hear you again in concert!!!

God Bless, from my Heart to yours,
Your one of many Sisters in Christ,
Shannon Yslas

It was a turning point in my life.  I had just given my life to Christ.

I heard Leon Patillo in concert and the music ignited a passion within me.  God used Leon to develop a life of praise and worship.  It forever changed me, and I'm now the pastor of a church.

I have been blessed through the years and encouraged to not give in!  Thank you for your ministry and God bless you.

Kevin McGinley


I originally bought The Sky's the Limit in 1988 or 89 on cassette, which I've worn out (the actual cassette squeals loudly as it turns).  So I wanted to replace it with a CD.  I was a young Christian in college at the time.  I had been advised by my high school guidance counselor and teachers not to, I wasn't smart enough.  I had little to no self-esteem to speak of, having come from a very abusive and emotionally neglectful family.  The two songs that meant and still mean the most to me are Life Is What You Make It and The Sky's The Limit.  There had only one person in my life, my middle school guidance counselor, who ever affirmed me.  Those two songs remind me of things she had told me.  I graduated in 1992 with two degrees,  and am now exploring the possibilities of getting my Masters of Education a specialization in Guidance Counseling.  I was floundering with the idea when my CD player died (call 911).  I don't have the money to replace it yet, so I had to resort to my old cassettes.  One of which was The Sky's the Limit, with a reminder I much needed to hear.  I went to the net to see if I could find it on CD.  Thank you so much!!! 

Joanne Loveless

Dear Leon & Renee,
Hello from Denver.

My name is Joseph Wood. I just wanted to let you know that I have been really blessed by your, "Breathe On Me", cd. It is very anointed, and I use it for worshipping Him and morning devotions. So grateful to God and you for it.
Joseph & Sandi Wood.

Hi Renee,

I absolutely love all of Leon Patillo's songs but there are several that I am particularly attached to. When I was a young girl my dad, who is also a big fan of Leon’s music was playing and singing the song Delivery. You know the song that says," We are waiting for you daughter or son, we expect you soon, so is everyone waiting for safe delivery." I have loved that song every since then and plan on singing it to my children as their father and I await their birth. As a young child teenager and later as a young adult I still sing Leon's songs with my dad and when he learned about Leon's old tapes being put once he was so excited. Thank you for bringing back wonderful memories from my childhood and I pray that others are blessed by the music as much as my father and I have been over the years. This music will bless anyone and transcends the elements of time. These are not just "oldies," or "songs from the eighties" but these are songs that will minister to anyone regardless of their age or church affiliation. These songs speak the Word of God and they minister to the mind, body, and soul. Thank you again for everything please let Mr. Patillo know that he is a tremendous blessing to the Body and to the world. God Bless!!

Karessa Griggs

Thank you Renee for your e-mail.  I am truly impressed with your organization and responding to customers! I originally bought the Live Experience cassette tape back in 1983 as an 8th grade student.  I loved it so much!  Well, years later I found it again with my cassette stash and it still played!  This musical collection it so anointed!  God spoke to me through not only the music's lyrics but also Leon's talks in between songs.  Plus, the theme of his songs confirms what our church is teaching now - praising Him, the consequences of sin and the call to be holy and blameless, full obedience to His Word!  I am thrilled that you have this in a CD!  I also look forward to listening to "Breath on Me". 

You will be in my prayers, too, as y'all are recovering from a death in the family.  I look forward to the new CD's whenever you can mail them.

You don't need to worry about me!  Thank you, once again, for the blessing this ministry has had on my life for so long now! and for the e-mail!  May God richly bless all the work of your hands!

Shelley Cecil


I thank you very much. I have received the CD's and sheet music. I purchased all of these for the song "Blessed be the name of the Lord",  it was a big inspiration thru a divorce in 1988 for me and the cassettte got ruined so I lost it and have looked for Leon since.

I thank God for Leon, and the gift that Leon has from God in his voice. Thank you very much, and we will be praying for you all........

Steve Kemper


Thank you for the pleasant reminder of what Valentine's Day should really be about!

I am especially moved by the phrase:  "I shall understand fully, even as I have been fully understood."

I listened again today to my CD, Breathe on Me because I always feel God speaking me through what I call the "bringing down strongholds" song.

Thank you again,
Jan Jenkins


First of all, I want to thank you and encourage you in your ministry of music.  Several years back I was a youth minister attending a national youth conference put together by Group Magazine in Loveland.  Several artists performed, but none ministered to me the way that you did.  The words and music you shared, and my sense of the Holy Spirit alive in you, really ministered to me in a powerful way.....and made me an immediate "fan".

The songs that have continually ministered to me (through repeat play) are the songs of encouragement and inspiration.   My favorites are "Strong Tower" and "Cornerstone", which are a few of your older songs, but I never get tired of listening to them over and over again.

In fact, I've been trying very hard to get a background tape for "Strong Tower", but I suspect none exists.   If it's possible to make a background track of that song, please let me know.  I get fired up every time I hear it, and wish I'd have the chance to sing it myself.

I've been involved in smaller-scale music outreach for nearly 10 years, to homeless shelters, prisons and other outreaches and a song like this really ministers.

God bless you and your continued ministry for the King!

Kevin Wiegert
Columbus, OH 

Hello, Renee:

I "found" Leon's music while in college at Louisiana Tech in 1984-86 and loved it.  His music accompanied me on road trips with friends, dates with my (now) husband, and Leon was "there" when I studied for finals.  My cassette tapes are completely worn out and have been for years.  I've missed his songs a lot. 

Now that I have children of my own, I want them to share in the happy sounds of J-E-S-U-S & The Sky is the Limit.  And I want them to experience the awesome and powerful worship that springs from his version of the Lord's Prayer.  What an incredible song.  Wow.  I can remember having to stop my car while listening to that song because I could no longer see for tears.
Have a great day today!

Jace & Laurie Hunter

Hi, Renee and Leon. 

I'm interested in Live Experience on CD.  I love that tape.  I still have my copy, but it's pretty old and worn out.  I was 15 when I got it.  The last song, "Go" was the first time God spoke to me about missions.  It hit me like nothing had hit me before.  Since then I've had 4 more specific calls on my life, regarding missions.  I did a YWAM DTS in Spain with outreach to Morocco in 2000, and went to Israel the first of this year...but that's it so far...and I'm 37 years old!  :\  Life gets all messed up sometimes.  I feel like I'm drifting at the moment.  I've been to the last two concerts you did up here in Alaska, Leon.  Time before last I was the woman you were praying for before the concert and I wasn't going to go, but "something" kept bugging me until I did and God met me there.  Anyway, please let me know the price.  I would like
to order a CD. 

Thank you! 

Mariella Kruger


Just wanted to let you know how much we have loved your worship music over the years. I sing your
songs as Jesus directs me. This is the rock house is of great blessing to me. The kids love it as well as the grown ups. I saw you in San Diego years ago at the Ca. theater and Faith Chapel. When are you coming down this way again?

Ronnie Lynn K.

Renee & Leon,

What an awesome evening you provided for over 1,500 Special Olympics Athletes.  THANK YOU!  I have heard nothing but positive comments about how much everyone enjoyed seeing you perform.  I understand that Athletes really enjoyed seeing you again on Saturday, and helping present awards.  Renee, Thanks for the CD I have played it 100 times in the last week.  It has served as a reminder to me of how awesome my relationship with God once was, and how I long to renew that relationship.  You both are a tremendous blessing to me, and I look forward to coming to a concert that I am not in charge of, so I can truly enjoy. 

Take Care, and please keep in touch.

Cindy Good

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